Stop SOPA and PIPA!

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Politics and Society

The Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) and now OPEN are all threats to the Internet as we know it and to the beloved nation we call home in unending ways. It is a lethal attack against Liberty. From blogs to giants like WordPress and Wikipedia, sites all over the web — including this one — are asking you to help stop this dangerous legislation from being passed. Please watch the video below to learn how this legislation will affect Internet freedom, then scroll down to take action.

The simple fact is a good bit of “Hollywood” and media companies are now foreign-owned and make a very small contribution to our GDP compared to the vast and rapidly growing contribution to national wealth that the free and unfettered Internet does. The Internet is a wellspring of great wealth. The U.S. participation in the Internet has made U.S. companies so much wealth that it dwarfs the comparatively minuscule  contribution of “Hollywood” and the media companies combined. It would be a grave mistake to promote a broken and segmented and controlled Internet, internationally, as so much wealth and positive benefit is going to U.S. based companies as a product of the one, single and free- uncontrolled global Internet.

“Hollywood” and media companies have system of locked down distribution and production of content within their tyrannical world of crooked undemocratic processes– large mega media has consumed so-called independent film companies further eroding freedom and independence of our free press.  All aspects of media from film to news, are part of our free press– a free press is vital to a free nation– Truth is the oxygen of democracy and freedom.

The Internet has afforded a free and truly democratic voice for entertainment and news and information providers– to say nothing of the product sales and distribution of everything from the smallest vendor to the largest corporation– all doing quite well in the land of the free Internet.

Imagine if books and videos were digital hundreds or thousands of years ago– we would have a free world with far greater advances in technology to improve the life of all life on our great planet– powerful democracies where freedom rules and wealth abounds. Now we have a method to distribute material at extremely low prices or even totally free– using advertising or open source models or even innovative versions of the old models. The trick is to make things easy and beneficial to people.  This new system of the Internet doesn’t exclude the old way but it would make much more sense for the old Hollywood to change it’s practices and move on to the new ways of doing things– it would make much more dollars too.  Plus building feature films that are especially well suited for the theatre and don’t make people feel like they wasted 7-20 bucks a seat for a terrible film.

Free and easy copying of digital information is a very good thing which we should build wealth around– we should not try to control or retard this great blessing. It requires new innovation and not trying to force the new to twist into conformation of the old. Old media can continue to exist but it must be forced to change it’s locked down and closed systems to participate in the open and free world of the Internet. We must not allow them, or the crooks in power, to make even the smallest mark upon the freedom or the prosperity of the Internet–the U.S. government should do everything necessary to assure the total freedom of the Internet continues and it’s resultant wealth and innovation building miracle continues on.

This effort to fight the terrible legislation, such as the NDAA, SOPA and PIPA, is literally part and parcel of a greater war against a global cabal of psychopathic morons that simply must be called evil. They have created phoney wars ending in the weakening of U.S. power and wealth and the hatred of our once beloved nation(the people of the U.S. have been the greatest victim of the false flag of 9/11 and resultant war on terror– 9/11 started as a direct assault upon the U.S. government– murdering the Office of Navel Intelligence and working to force conformation to the Neocon scam of 9/11 and the resultant war on terror(really a war on us and a war on our Constitution and a massive theft of our treasury)– U.S. intelligence was fighting for America all along against the Neocons). We are a great nation because of our real treasure- the People.  It is time to stand up. Please call your Congressperson and Senator and let them know a vote for SOPA(House side(Congressperson)/PIPA(Senate side) will end your support for them and will launch a focused effort to get them removed from office.  SOPA/PIPA is an act of high treason against the people of the United States and is a clear assault upon our foundation, the Constitution, which is what binds us together as a nation. Don’t let them do this terrible thing.


Time to wake up

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Politics and Society

Coffee cup with the flag draped coffins of US soldiers murdered by the psychopathic morons that have hijacked our country, Holy Cross Simbol with the word TRUTH, Child in the US occupied nation of Iraq and a Marine exhausted carrying a ridiculous load in Afghanistan.

I’m a liberal conservative.  If you don’t know what that means, then you may be a victim of brainwashing and one of a growing number of pod-people who cannot think for themselves  due to sophisticated brainwashing by a fake 2-party, veritable police-state dictatorship.  You may well detest conservatives or liberals, just as if we are all one or the other and those labels are an actual thing to detest.  It’s like a football game, with very simple rules but with very extreme and dire consequences for playing.

For you, you exist in a simple world, wherein all you have to do is fight your fellow citizens and present your body for strip searching to be able to travel freely. You can fight for simple concepts, so many of which have to do with contesting or winning against the “other side” and you actually don’t have to know the truth by engaging in extensive research (to undo the poison to our democratic society of the destructed free-press, itself neutralized by the orchestrated burning firestorm of negative information). You can confidently know the truth by reading the New York Times or worse yet, watching the spoon-fed, brainwashing MSNBCFOXABCNBCCBSCNN psy-op that pretends to be news.  Living in an imaginary world, where the government is not a criminal organization, sure beats having to face reality.  Your country is on fire and disintegrating around you, yet you cannot see the flames or smell the smoke.  Everything is sunny and filled with the energizing power of hate.  Forget about loving your fellow brothers and sisters.  Forget about doing the best possible thing, that is way to complicated to comprehend.  Let’s go drill baby drill. Let’s go kill some Muzzies.  Forget about the fact that the current health care system is ruining business and already has private sector death panels actually killing people by preventing care(and that’s for fully insured).  Forget about the fact that the United States of Amerca just mass murdered millions of innocent people and thousands of innocent Americans(will be hundreds of thousands after the depleted uranium and other things take their toll)  all for the express purpose of putting on a big show to allow the murderers that have hijacked our country to steal trillions from the treasury of the United States of America.  Just hate your neighbor– it’s so simple and fun.

You fall for the divide and conquer efforts of the real criminals, all intended to shut down opposition and criminal prosecution for their misdeeds.  You don’t see that we are under a criminal dictatorship. Some of the worst criminals in world history have stolen our country.  You don’t feel compelled to help by simply doing everything required to know the truth and connect with your fellow citizens; your brothers and sisters. You may well be well-meaning and quite diligent and caring about your fellow mankind but you don’t realize at all how horrendously damaging your actions are to so many including our own people and nation.  By remaining silent or cheering them on, you are effectively empowering their existence and facilitating their actions.

We, cannot survive long as a nation, with criminals in charge, especially mass-murdering psychopaths, such as have taken hold of our nation and  a number of others.  Force yourself to start doing research on the truth of what is going on in the world.  Try to put aside hours for study, just like you do to watch movies or exercise.  If you can, put a few days a week into the effort, otherwise a few hours here and a few hours there. But try to learn the truth as if your country’s life depended upon it.  Just as if your own life and that of your loved ones depended upon it.  You will need to organize yourself.  Keep a pad with you to write things down. Make sure you store as much of what you find and read and watch on the computer and back it up carefully, refer to it frequently– take notes and rewrite them so things begin to make sense to you and don’t ever close your mind to new information.  You are not a pod-person forever if you should decide to break free of the chains they put upon you. You can become human again, it will take time, but it is possible.  You can stop effectively facilitating and providing support to the terrorist moronic degenerates which have hijacked and subverted our country, at the very least.

The first political party, of any consequence, in the United States was known by the name “Democratic Republicans”. People, in those days, were very liberal indeed.  They were all about freedom.  They didn’t believe in throwing people in horrible prisons, for excessively long sentences, as we have so done, in part, as a product of the collusive interconnection between the justice industrial complex and the crooked politicians.  By so doing we have inadvertently contributed to the creation of the very foundations of tyranny. We must remember to care about all of our brothers and sisters, even those who may have decided upon less than ideal courses. They believed in free speech, free thought and the right to bear arms. They were a forgiving people. Being liberal was what they boasted about.  It was conservative to be liberal.  It was a new republic and it was a democratic republic.   It was and is a democratic form of government, using representatives and a Constitution to help protect us from evil criminal conspiracies, which have plagued governments, such as we have had, since then, though never as bad as today. The founding Father’s writings, of the day, prove they desired such freedoms and controls and fully expected the people to be actively engaged in the process of protecting the nation from criminal hijackings, like we have today.  A republic or state where the people’s interests are acted upon and set by virtue of the power being vested in the people rather than the wealthy or the powerful few.  Hence the name Democratic Republicans.  Sadly they did not build in the additional protections and supports into the Constitution, which would have prevented the excrement from taking over our country.  Strangely, it is quite clear, in their writings, that they were aware of and feared most everything that has happened.  I am convinced they felt the citizenry would keep things in check. Events would unfold and adjustments made which would harden our core from tyranny.  Some readers have pointed to the faults in the character, of our founding Fathers, at one time or the other, as if my point was to say they were perfect.  No one is perfect, but coming from the world they were in and baking the very bold changes they were to make places the founding Father’s of the US among the very best. They should have spent more time on assuming the very worst and building stronger protections against evil into the Constitution; however the fight against Evil is a problem that requires vigilance and ongoing efforts. Still they certainly could have built in greater foundational protections. They all seemed to know what could very well happen but they didn’t know how powerful Evil could become with mechanisms like television at it’s disposal.

They were great men and women but they were far from perfect and I would venture to guess, that they would happily undo, some very bad decisions, had they the chance to do so. My point, was to say, that they offered a great deal of good in the aggregate.  They started from nothing, in a world built filled with ever increasing evil- in terms of thought.  They regathered some of the best ideas of historical greats and created many of their own and arranged them in a very radical way, one full of hope.  They warned us of the potential for problems in the future, even with no possibility of knowing what lay ahead.  From a mass media, that has been hijacked by a handful of psychopaths, to a Congress that has been bribed and rendered as a de facto body of foreign agents and treasonous co-conspiratorial mobsters and industrial maniacs, many of the underlying aspects of our problems of today were fore-warned by these great Americans, in one form or the other.  The men and women who populated the first century and beyond, of the USA, were good people.  George Washington discovered evil in his associations, very late in his life and tried to act upon his discovery.  Their souls were good.  With any good man or woman, you can often find radical contrasting examples, that represent very bad choices.  I, for one, choose to remember John Adams at his best, which was most of the years of his life.  He was, indeed, a very fine man and sewed the seeds of much Good.

We just needed, ideally, a greater effort, at the very starting foundational phase of our nation, at hardening our system from what to me can only be summed up as Evil.  People have come to refer to personalities as sociopathic or psychopathic, yet there is no reasonable explanation for such a thing and no similar model for such a thing in the broader animal kingdom.  Why not just call it Evil.  I think it’s much more accurate.  It would have made things easier.  One thing “Evil” does is looks for cracks in the system and looks to infect the weak parts of the fabric of society and of people’s souls.  You see it with people who take joy in advocating the murder or torture of Muslims, Evil saw the repressed need for some people to hate, the repressed need to be racists– the “N” word was outlawed but “sandn**ers was veritably patriotic.  As such, crooks in the criminal co-conspiracy of 9/11 and the resultant “war on terror”, used this weakness in the soul of so many, to give them strength in their efforts to grab power and steal wealth.  How did we go from a nation that opposes the death penalty to a nation that sits back quietly whilst human beings, even very small children, have burlap bags placed over their heads.  As the Bible says, good souls, cannot be so easily deceived nor made to fear.

The Democratic Republican Party was the political party of our founding Fathers.  It is the party we now call the Democratic Party. The Republican party started many years later and the men who started it would never have bothered if they knew of the crooks who would take it over today.  But then I know professors who went from divine and valiant fighters for Good to supporting the lies of the war on terror-9/11 by virtue of their actions or inactions on the subjects.

Unfortunately, as time has gone on, we have seen the power be taken away from the people.  Not shifted away, but stolen utterly, through the use of “negative information” (all manner of misinformation and deceptions, designed to undo truth) and fake terrorism, to name but two. The USA and Israel are responsible for virtually 100 percent of all state and non-state acts of terror globally.  Bombs go off in Egypt and it is commonly known the terror attack was orchestrated by Israel as a false flag among the Egyptian population.  They even know the names of the Mossad agents involved.  Yet you hear not one peep in the US press about anything other than Muslim terrorism.  Walter Cronkite tried to shout out about the Truth of 9/11 during his last years but the so-called press conspired to silence him all the way up to his death.  Since the past 2 presidents alone, countless trillions have been stolen by some of the most sinister black-hearted monsters that have ever existed. They are among the most evil of all of human history.   Things are not OK.  The spin artists continue to have so many of us feel like we are living in a normal time, all is well.  Just as if everything is wonderful. Sure, we have bad guys, just as always, however, efforts are afoot to bring their misdeeds to an end(the war on terror– all a lie– every single aspect of it). “It’s a post-9/11 world”, they tell us– translation: we can strip search and molest you at airports and steal every penny from your treasury leaving you with the rights of a pig.

The plot was hatched, which lead to the nightmare terror attack of September 2001,  several decades ago. But the most recent manifestation of the plot was born in a letter created by a group of thieves, dual citizen Israelis and their cohorts.   They called themselves Neocons.  At first Neocons put out the false notion that they were simply the new conservatives within the Democratic Party, some decades ago.  Well things didn’t quite work out as Capture of innocentsthe Neocons were really just a front for the global Israeli mobster ring,  their real intention was to foment greater militancy and warring of all kinds on the part of the USA and Britain,  most specifically against the greater global community of Muslims, who are second only to Christians in terms of numbers.  The Neocon’s answer to everything was not more peace but never-ending war.  The Democrats, of the day, were just to wishy-washy on the subject.  It was time to go over to the even darker side, the Republicans.

Donald Rumsfeld worked for the very same outfit (global israelo-fascism) trying to promote a false story.  The US Central Intelligence Agency warned Mr. Rumsfeld that the story he was pushing was completely made up by guys in the CIA in their dutiful efforts to fight the U.S.S.R during the cold war.  Rumsfeld ignored them and continued to spout the fake story as if it were true, the story that radical Muslims were in bed with the Russians and the US and UK needed to pit it’s might against them, specifically Muslims.  They really wanted complete control of the USA to make their dreams of global domination a reality.  It all flopped, eventually.  No one fell for his Soviet-Radical-Muslim threat bullshit.  The Neocons needed a president, like Bush 43, that would go along with and do literally anything.  Obama has been the same type person, even worse, in many regards.

Back in those days the USA never even would go along with calling Hamas or Hezbollah terrorist organizations, let alone going after them with our military.  They were not called terrorist organizations until after the hijacking of the US government by a treasonous White House, Bush/Cheney.  That was one of the things the treasonous Zionists-White House-Pentagon(especially things with Cheney and other ownership interests) made certain of, to call non-terrorists, terrorists, right after September 11, 2001.  Thus began the fake war on terror.  A new military industrial complex theft of our treasury feast that far and away replaced the old Soviet Union.  Big oil and big defense with radical Zionism all set upon destroying democracy and the interests of free people everywhere.

The fact is, under both Democratic and Republican presidents we saw resounding rejections of almost everything the extreme elements of Israel promoted.  Hamas and Hezbollah were publicly deemed by State to be fighting with Israel, who itself was clearly engaged in atrocious attacks against the Palestinian people, killing many times the number of Palestinian women and children. The White House and State Department flat-out refused to call them terrorists.  They blew up bus stops?  We have blown up homes, bus stops and businesses, of two virtually defenseless nations, all to put on a big show to justify the theft of trillions.  If Israel invaded the USA and took over all of our homes and put us into concentration camps on a Tuesday, we would level to the ground all bus stops and pizza parlors, virtually everything in sight, by Thursday.  And we wouldn’t blink an eye.  My point is, we need to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and by so doing, halt all solutions, which involve harmful acts.

Following the early days of Neocon misdeeds, Clinton came along.  Still mostly things stayed the same.  There was no apparent Neocon takeover of the White House albeit the AIPAC mobsters did have a completely inordinate power over our democratically elected government.  I mean, we don’t allow any other country, friend or foe, which has this level of unthwarted power as we have allowed with this group. But the FBI still did it’s job in protecting us against their crimes as contrasted with today when the FBI is are putting on false terrorist events and blaming teenagers for them to promote the lies and promote the criminal military spending scam that is actually funding and supporting the guys that are killing our guys in both Iraq and Afghanistan in effort to protract the warring.  Yes that’s right, they are actually funding and supplying the so-called Taliban insurgents(rebels) in Afghanistan(well known there) and in Iraq.  The wars wouldn’t have gone on very long if they didn’t. Afghanistan is now the longest run war in US history.

It was not until the 1993 bombing of the twin towers that we started to see the hellish intents of the military industrial complex to replace the lost cash-cow of the Soviet Union following the fall of the Berlin wall.  And as we know today, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the son of one of our greatest presidents, JFK, was murdered to keep him from entering the run for president.  John would have, most assuredly, won the election with flying colors and halted the entire war on terror plan, well before it really ever got started.  If John had won office he would have made the USA an economic powerhouse, revitalized our middle class and turned the world into the beginnings of  nothing short of paradise.  Instead they murdered him, in the very same way they murdered Beverly Eckert.  The Zionists, military industrial complex and Bush family and other treasonous criminals all made sure John was murdered and his death covered up.  His person was actually actively defamed by members of the so-called press, largely a collection of treasonous whores all working for the same interests.   Beverly was murdered because she was about to start her litigation efforts to force testimony in public about 9/11 from people like Bush and Cheney.  They would have no possible protection. It would have torn down the fraud of 9/11 from top to bottom.  Anyone that continues to ignore 9/11 or support the lie, in any way, is guilty of high treason.  It is the very foundation of the fiendish psychopaths.

In the mid-90’s PNAC, Project for a New American Century, proclaimed that Israel needed Saddam removed from power in Iraq to support the expansion of their geopolitical interests (Israel is, ostensibly, a home for Jews to retreat from the world, yet it has, it’s entire life, repressed and murdered others and worked to subvert free democracies globally for nothing other than a nearly senseless psychopathic drive for global power and tyranny) and they would have it all done by the US military. All of the bloodshed would come from the Western democracies like the USA(largest by far) and Britain.  As it was revealed on the PNAC web site, they would launch it all by creating a “new Pearl Harbor” attack.  Israel would gain untold power over the entire Middle East and all Muslims would become veritable sub-humans.  Their intent was to take over the Middle East, geopolitically speaking, but also subvert the democracies of the West, most specifically the US, France, Germany and UK and other Commonwealth nations.  Cash was in it for everyone.  High treason against the people ruled the day.

September 11th, 2001 saw their dreams start to unfold in a very nightmarish way for all of the rest of us.  Just as Israel had done for it’s entire existence, they shaped it to blame it on others (a false flag – engineered to make it look like another nation or group of people did it rather than the actual people that engaged in the orchestration).  At first it was blamed on the Palestinians and then on Iraq and then on Muslims in general.  Yet the fingerprints of Israelis and dual American/Israeli US citizens is all over 9/11 and it’s cover up. Sure they have treasonous cohorts in the US government, from the White House to the Congress, to the Pentagon. Some time ago a FBI commander, put it very clearly, when he said, that you could wiretap virtually any phone in the Pentagon and find a major felony transpiring.  To be clear, this is certainly no statement against the mostly honorable men and women in our services, intelligence or military just as it is not a statement against the people, in general, in Israel.

We have a global cabal of psychopathic degenerate demon worshiping morons who have sought to undermine and completely dismantle our democratic republic which we so love.  We sit back in fear, anger or disgust and so many of us even cheering the son of bitches.  So many fall for the psyops they have put upon us. They try to take advantage of the history of racism in the US by trying to make the Muslims the latest victims.  Promoting horrible terms like “sandn*gge*” many who felt bottled up by the politically correct efforts just loved it.  A new chance to elevate themselves, over others, without having to improve themselves with difficult efforts like education or research to expand their knowledge.  The few companies, we have running all of the mainstream news, act like all is largely well.  They pretend we don’t have the most horrendously criminal band of psychopaths in charge.  They pretend like hooding people is OK under the Geneva Conventions.  They promote mass murder of innocent people.  Read that over and over again. It’s time to wake up no matter how difficult it is, no matter how frightening and disconcerting.  Remember, most of your fellow countrymen, are in the same boat as you and most have nothing to do with it.  We are talking about a hand full of morons, relatively speaking, against all the rest of us.

Human beings have been and still are in Guantanamo, a prison far worse than anything prior, for years, without any justification, without any hope, tortured and murdered at the prison.  There were top career FBI, that went down to Guantanamo to uncover the fact that not one of them was guilty of anything justifying keeping them there.  They said so publicly.  You see Guantanamo was just part of the process of covering up the crimes of 9/11 and terrorizing the American people whilst justifying massive theft of trillions from the treasury and the destruction of our Constitution and subversion of our democracy.  The Constitution cannot be destroyed anymore than your spirit can.  The Constitution, as it so clearly states, simply enumerates the powers and rights we all are born with, God given rights.  These Godless degenerates may think of themselves as God but they are not. And whatever one’s stance on existence, they are rights we are all born with.  Rights that cannot be taken away.  Just as we have a right to live someone or group of people can kill us so to can a group conspire to steal our freedoms but they are no less our freedoms.  That makes the Patriot act a crime.

It is red alert time my friends and fellow countrymen and women and brothers and sisters of the greater world.  Time to wake up and stop fighting each other and start fighting the crooks that have hijacked our country.  Take back what is rightfully ours by standing together against this horror. If we do thus, we already will have won.